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Blackham is a small village on the Kent/Sussex border, tucked away in the north of the parish of Withyham.

It's not mentioned in guidebooks, rarely appears in history books and often is lumped in with Withyham in official papers

A former vicar wrote: 'Many years ago Blackham was the abode of the greatest roughs in this neighbourhood and was celebrated for its nine prize fighters. Sunday was entirely disregarded. Idlers were to be seen about the lanes, passing the day playing pitch & toss etc., whilst others were drinking and fighting. Several smugglers are said to have used the Toll Farm pond from time to time for hiding their contraband.'

But for those of us who have lived there, Blackham is a special place and this study is intended to give all of them their place in history.

The main project at the moment is to put a story to each of the names that appear on the WW1 Roll of Honour and memorial in Blackham Church.

Richard Coomber








11 Mar 2014


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