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County Down

Northern Ireland


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Broclough is a townland in Kilmore parish, mid Co. Down with a totally rural aspect. There aren't any villages or churches.

Edmond Savage owned the townland in 1659 and there were 6 English/Scots & 6 Catholic families here (SP) but by 1863 it was owned by William B. Forde of Seaforde Estate( GV).

Murvaclogher & Broclough were separate townlands at one stage , then merged and known by both names and more recently just by the name Broclough.

In the 1901 Census, there were 23 inhabited houses & 4 uninhabited houses. There were 99 people with 51 males & 48 females & one family in each house. Most were Catholic with one female Church of Ireland & 2 male & 2 female Presbyterians. All houses were made of stone with thatched roofs and were classed as mainly 2nd or 3rd class homes having just two rooms with mainly two windows facing the front. John Savage had the largest house with five rooms . James Crawford had the most out buildings (11) The oldest resident was James Crawford aged 84 & still farming. The prize for the most children living in a small house goes to John Carlin & his wife Rose with 8 children in two rooms. John's uncle also lived in the house.

Ros Davies








1 Oct 2013

This photo shows a field of potatoes on the late John Carlin 's farm at the corner of Loughinisland Road & Tareesh Lane.  

Broclough One-Place Study

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