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Lostwithiel, in the hundred of Powder, is bounded on the west, north, and south by Lanlivery and on the east by St. Winnow. Situated at the tidal reach of the river Fowey, in a beautiful wooded valley, the delightful town lies tucked away just off the A390, a haven of peace and tranquility.

The name 'Lostwithiel' means 'tail of the forest', coming from two old Cornish words. In the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, Lostwithiel was the capital of the Duchy, being further developed by the Earls of Cornwall. It was the centre for the administration of county affairs and the main trading centre for tin.

At that time the river Fowey was deep and wide and sea going ships tied up along the quay for loading the tin. The town was officially known as 'The Port of Fawi', and became the second busiest port on the south coast of England.

The medieval church (dedicated to St. Bartholomew), the 16th century bridge and part of the Great Hall (now known as the Duchy Palace) still stand as testimony to its original splendour.

Ann Tumser








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03 Mar 2014


Since the inception of the Cornwall Online Parish Clerk scheme in 2001, I've been the OPC for Lostwithiel. I am transcribing their records, and offer lookups from this data. Donations of transcriptions are always welcome. Please note that I do not live in or near Lostwithiel, but I've spent five extended vacations in this charming town.


Lostwithiel One-Place Study