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North Walls & Brims



Melsetter, Saltness, Crockness, Lyness, Rinnigill

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North Walls & Brims

North Walls and Brims, on the island of Hoy, are part of the parish of Walls and Flotta, Orkney. They link to South Walls by the very narrow Ayre. The parish also includes the separate islands of Flotta, Fara, Rysa Little and Switha. It is essentially a fishing and crofting community, with stunning cliff scenery on the Pentland Firth coast, Scapa Flow on the east,and much hill land in the north.

Some of the area's renown derives from Lyness, the former naval base in Scapa Flow, and the Longhope Lifeboat, crewed by many Brims men over the years, with the tragic loss of the entire crew in 1969.

My paternal roots are in North Walls and Brims. Names and dates I knew, but curiousity about the wider context of those families led me to study the population in 1861-71 as a project for my postgraduate certificate in genealogical studies.

On the developing website, the focus will be on material of interest to people researching their family history, particularly less accessible sources. Transcripts of the censuses from 1841-1911 are already available from the Orkney Family History Society.

Jane Harris








21 Feb 2014


North Walls & Brims One-Place Study

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