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Swindon was for centuries an unimportant market town, noted only for its fairs and corn and cattle markets. It had none of the communication facilities that usually promote the growth of towns - no navigable river, no important road passing through it, even the Wilts and Berks canal passed a mile or so further north, although it did make some contribution to the local economy for a few years. Now it is on a major railway, with a fairly important junction, and has immediate access to the main motorway linking London with Bristol and south Wales.

Swindon was transformed by the coming of industry, initially the railway works, which at one time covered over 300 acres and employed up to 13,000 people to produce and repair locomotives, passenger coaches and goods wagons. This activity has also now disappeared, but many new industries, such as cars and electronics, have sprung up to replace the old, so successfully that a government survey recently showed it was the most prosperous place in the UK.

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29 Oct 2013

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Although the study is now dormant, the study owner is willing to add records transcribed by other contributors and surname interests.

Swindon One-Place Study

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